AI for CEOs Per Damgaard Husted is AI business blog.


Per is an international keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and CEO.


He speaks on how AI can transform the foundation on which a business could be built upon.

Per has been creating digital solutions for more than 20 years. He founded the Copenhagen based AI startup Canecto in 2017 and Cognifirm in 2020.


AI patent

The two companies run on an AI infrastructure design patent that he has created.

Priorior to his startup endeavors, he spent ten years with IT management in the finance industry.

So his insights in AI and business are rooted in two areas. The insights of how AI works that he has gained as a startup CEO. And the management knowledge on the challenges of how a large corporation runs.

The implications of the AI business potential, combined with his management experience, have fueled his passion for how AI can redefine how a business could be run.