Is your business ready for the Age of AI?


  • As has the potential to make you more efficient.
  • You can use the technology to create new revolutionary products
  • AI can change how you compete and the level of service you can provide to your customer.



Do you know how to succeed in the age of AI?


  • Do you have the knowledge you need to prepare your business for AI?
  • Are your plans for how AI could make the most significant strategic impact for you clear?
  • Are you confident that the way you use your AI efforts right now is where it creates the most value for your business?



Is your organization ready for AI?

The AI for CEOS speaking session gives you the perspective and the conceptual business understanding of Artificial Intelligence that you need to make the right choices for how you will lead your business into the Age of AI.

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A 2-hour session focusing on the business opportunities AI could have for your business. Including:


  • The session is held at your requested location (in Europe)
  • Five editions of the book “AI for CEOs”
  • Preparation call to align with your agenda/focus


Price: €850



Extent the session with a 2-hour workshop where you identify and prioritize your future AI efforts.

This workshop includes:


  • Framework to identify your AI capabilities
  • Identification and determination of AI candidates
  • Prioritization of most suitable candidates

Price: €600

All prices are ex. sales tax. Sessions are assumed to be held no more than 1 hour’s drive from a major European airport. Other locations will be charged with additional transport costs.

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